In this first series of The Magic of Black Forest, author Macy Farmer introduces Natalia Middleton and Bradley Jenkins.

Natalia is single, in her mid-twenties and has a special gift – she can see random glimpses of the present and the future. To escape from her reality she spends her days in an ethereal world, fantasizing about the man of her dreams. Long overdue for a vacation she surfs the internet and finds the perfect place, Black Forest. Located high in the rural mountains of central Pennsylvania, Black Forest promises an adventurous excursion.

Tragically, a week prior to her trip Natalia had a premonition of the horrific accident that took the lives of the two people she loved most, her parents. Unable to control her gift, a few moments before the actual event Natalia was forced to watch the drunk driver lose control and collide into her parents’ car.  As her mother took her last breath Natalia heard her say, “I love you, Natalia.”

Though heartbroken, after the burial Natalia left as planned. Once she arrived at Black Forest, however, she knew she had made the right decision.

Bradley has it all except for the one thing he wants most: a soul mate to spend eternity with. He had never believed in love at first sight – but that all changed when he saw Natalia the day she arrived at Black Forest. He immediately felt drawn to her as if under a spell. As he watched her from afar he struggled with his thoughts and fought against his primal instincts to take her into his arms and claim her as his very own. Instead of giving into his heated desires he devised a plan he hoped would make her his. Then he set it in motion.

When the two meet… sparks fly!


Dreamlike State Awakening Fate Destiny
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